Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's only been 4 months!

Things have been crazy. I started working full time around the last time I posted. Then we moved and now I'm on maternity leave. Patiently waiting for the bean to get here. I would be completely okay with her coming right this very minute. :) I'm planning on posting pictures of her nursery and our new apartment and a few other posts.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

this has been one crazy week.

But seriously. On top of me working like crazy (12 days of full time in a row...) on Wednesday I was driving home from the grocery store down Smith Valley Road. They're currently redoing. By the way...can't figure out looked fine to me. Buuut anyway. I went over a bump and heard a big THUD. Luckily I was super close to home. I drove about 2 mph the whole way haha. I figured it was the tail pipe again (it was being held up by a wire hanger...have I mentioned this car is a piece?). So I called Matt and didn't think anything of it. Until he got home and looked under the car. Uhhh the whole bottom part (tail pipe/muffler/cadalytic convertor) had rusted and fell off. It was being held up by some very thin wires (to the engine I think) and the wire hanger. Awesome! Did I also mention that I'm pretty sure had I been driving faster the car could have potentially caught on fire. Awesome again!

But God is good (all the time!) And we are in the works of buying a small S10 truck to drive until we can get my new(to me) car that I'll drive when Harper comes. It also happened that right after that happened I got a call from work wondering if I could start working full time for awhile (basically until I can't anymore). Praise the Lord for an awesome boss!

Harper is doing great! Growing like a weed (made apparent by my ever expanding waist). I can feel her moving on the outside now. My mom felt it a little bit yesterday but every time Matt touches my stomach Harper stops moving so he hasn't felt it yet. Matt says she's afraid of him already. I think she's either shy or stubborn. Most likely stubborn because he (or my mom) would move their hand away and she immediately starts moving again. Haha what a brat!

I'm going to attempt to post a 23 week post this week. It's hard to do when you don't have a computer.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

i am still alive.

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't updated in awhile (Chuck). Awhile being almost a month. Oops!

It has been a month (once again...almost) that we have known the Bean is a girl Bean.

And she already has a crazy stash of cute clothes. Don't worry, I haven't bought all of them(ahem..only most of them). But I also am the best bargain shopper ever. No joke. I got the cutest Osh Kosh jumper for Harper at JC Penny the other day. Originally priced at $28 (who pays that for a baby? I mean she'll probably wear it twice before it doesn't fit anymore!)... I paid $2.50 for it. Booyah!

We have a doctors appointment on the 10th of August and then we'll have one around the same time in September...then we start going every other week. Crazy!

So I had a hilarious fat kid/ preggo moment yesterday. Matt and I stopped at Walgreens yesterday before church because we were both thirsty. When I was checking out, I couldn't find my debit card anywhere (and Matt doesn't have one for our joint account). So we drove back home (literally 10 seconds away) so I could look for it. I searched everywhere and couldn't figure out where it could be. I remembered I had just taken a box of milk duds out of my purse. I didn't figure I would need them at church. Well...I found my debit card...inside the milk duds box. Hahaha maybe it should be my new wallet?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011



We had our very first doctors appointment yesterday (you know, the one where you talk about family history and stuff?). Well the nurse we had (Dr. Salazar's nurse wasn't there yesterday), did all of the history and then said "let me see if the ultrasound tech can get you guys in, I don't think she's busy...would you guys want to get an ultrasound if she can?".....uhh do people say no to ultrasounds?! Absolutely we'd love to!

So we're walking to the room and I keeo thinking, what if I lay down on the table and they put the little wand to my belly and tell me I'm crazy that there's no baby in there. Well obviously that' silly. Harper (formally known as the Bean) was there! Moving around like a little fool :) and I a little school girl. The. Entire. Time. Ha! She was fist pumping and waving and had her little feet propped up on my uterus like she was chilling. I was afraid with the way she was wiggling around that they wouldn't be able to get a good shot of her parts. But they did! And as soon as she said "it's a girl!" I said "what?! Excuse me?!" We were sooooo sure it was a boy! Haha! Oh boy were we wrong! She looks perfect! She's growing right on track and baking just great in there :)

We are so incredibly excited to meet our little girl!

Harper Carolyn is due December 2nd!

Monday, June 27, 2011

quick post before work!

Here's a quick little post before I have to get ready for work.

FIRST!! Congrats to Monica, Cody, and big brother Luke! Madison Jewel is finally here! I can't wait to meet her!

Second. Walter has not been the best puppy since we got him (3 days before we found out I was preggo with the Bean). He chews everything or tears it up. He was awful to train to go outside too and he still has problems with that (not good in an apartment!) We know we need to crate him...but crates are expensive! Well just the past few days he has done a complete turn around! He finally learned how to sit on command. Which is a big deal for him considering he doesn't even sit still in his sleep. He learned in about 15 minutes. I say it's because I taught him with oyster crackers and not treats. And since he gets a treat every time he comes inside and he NEVEr gets people food, I have a feeling he felt like a big shot getting to eat those crackers. And then today I put a pizza in the oven for my lunch. I set the timer and went back to sewing. I had the radio on pretty loud and I guess I didn't hear the timer go off. Well about 5 minutes (my guess) after the timer went off Walter is pacing around and whining. I couldn't figure out what he wanted so I ignored him and kept on sewing. Well he got impatient with me and went and stood by the oven and barked. Did I mention this dog never barks!? Never ever! So then I remembered the pizza and I jumped up and took it out. What a smart dog!!

I'm getting anxious about my doctors appointment (1 week from tomorrow!) I'm hoping while I'm there I get to schedule my ultrasound because I really want to know what the sex of the Bean is! I would love to start sewing gender specific things soon. Speaking of sewing...I should probably work on the quilt!

Our cousin Dave is getting married on the 9th and I have been sewing two of the bridesmaid dresses for it. I made one and am fixing the other one. I love sewing and I'm not bad at it at all. I've made dresses before and never had problems, but these dresses have made me remember that I am definitely not a seamstress! I have been locked in this apartment for nearly a week trying to get them finished and it has been one problem after the other. Then I get frustrated, threaten to set them on fire, cry a little, get over it and move on. It's a struggle haha!

Anyway...that's all I have for now!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Oh you better believe this week has been great! We left last Thursday for Florida for a week with Matts mom,sister,brother in law and nieces and nephew. It was a great trip but we're glad to be back!

I was standing in line for the Haunted Mansion ride at Magic Kingdom when I got the call. I could officially choose my doctor and make an appointment to see him!!!


So my first appointment will be July 5th at 9 am. I have another appointment on the 11th. At that appointment we'll schedule another appointment for an ultrasound where we'll hopefully get to see what the sex is! I am beyond excited!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


We're going on an adventure. This adventure is going to be long, difficult, there will be yelling because someone won't stop and ask for directions. You have probably been on an adventure like this one if you are human, especially if you are or have ever been pregnant. When you're pregnant people love to give unsolicited advice. I have always read and heard about this...but's true. So don't worry about grabbing hiking boots, a map, or a backpack, you won't need any of that for this kind of adventure. Just get ready for an old-fashioned super annoyed pregnant girl rant.

If you have been reading this blog (or are close to me in ANY way) you know I have had ridiculous trouble with getting insurance. It is definitely not for lack of trying. They (whoever 'they' is) are taking their time. I mean taa-kiiing thhhheeeir friggin time. I can't make them move any faster because they do as they please.... as slow as they please. So until they drink some Redbull or a 5 hour energy...I won't be able to go to the doctor. Unless, by the grace of God, I can find a doctor that will take me before the insurance is complete.

Here's where that unsolicitated advice comes in.

I have had JUUUUUSST about every person I've ever known or blinked at or friend requested on Facebook give me their own idea what I need to do about getting to the doctor.

Heeeeere's the thing. I KNOW I NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!

I am not ignorant, irresponsible or clueless. I know, for the health of myself and more importantly, the Bean's health that I need to go to the doctor. If you have advice on how I should get! I guarantee I have already DONE it! Gone there and got the t-shirt... probably 50 times over. I've said all I can say to the people I need to say it to. I've yelled, I've cried, I've been calm...EVERYthing possible I have tried it. So please...keep your 'advice' to yourself because honestly, I don't want it.

All of this is directed towards the people who do not know the situation. Obviously I don't share every little detail on Facebook and on here, because a lot of it's personal. You know who you are (family and close friends) that actually know the situation.

But to those of you who do not know the situation, please stop with the 'advice'. I am an adult and am doing the very best I can at taking care of myself and my baby before we can make it to the doctor. So think twice before you make a comment to me or next time, my blog post might not be so nice. ;)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This is gonna be a long one!

First things first...our computer is out of commission right now. Which is awesome? It has a virus that is currently getting wiped but until then, I'm updating via Smartphone.

There is a reason I haven't updated in awhile. See this baby is already causing trouble. we have a rrrreal troublemaker on our hands. A week ago Matt and I spent about 3 hours in the ER at Community South Hospital. Let me just say... THE BABY IS FINE! We just had a little scare. But we got to see the Bean on an ultrasound and I can already tell we're going to have the cutest little babe on the planet. Baby's heartbeat was 151 and he/she (I vote he!) was flipping around like a little gymnast. Since we had a little scare, they wanted me to take it easy for awhile. And by take it easy...I was on complete bedrest for a week. It. Was. Terrible. Worth it, as far as the baby is concerned, but by day 3 I had major cabin fever. And then day 4 of my bedrest...Matt had a fever and was laid up for 2 days. Thankfully, my mom and dad live right down the street so they helped out when they could and my best friend Jessica also came over, spent time with me and took the dog out. I am now back to work, with orders to still take it easy (no lifting kids, no running sprints,jumping jacks, trampolines..etc..).

I have an appointment with my actual doctor for next week (before we leave for Florida!) to double check and make sure the Bean is still growing like a weed.

I'll give you an update once I get to the doctor!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm making a quilt!

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I sew. I love sewing. I've been doing it since I was at least in 5th grade..maybe longer. So of course I'll be making anything fabric that goes in the Beans room (and some non-fabricy things). I've been on the lookout for the perfect quilt pattern to use, since this whole quilting thing is new to me. Well...I found it!

I know, I know....super cute right?!

Mine will be different colors, and the backing is actually a prequilted fabric (gotta love short cuts). I don't quite have all the fabrics that I want to use, as I have been slowly gathering different ones I find. I'll also probably have more than the 6 different fabrics in the quilt above. I'm thinking 12 different ones. I'm so so so excited I found a photo (and tutorial!) for one that I love!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Decisions, decisions...

*First let me say I posted twice today so don't forget to keep scrolling after this post to read some more!

Since I've decided that we're going neutral-y I've been trying to decide what color to paint the dresser/buffet/changing station thing. Here is my inspiration for the whole room.

I love love love the gray walls...and that piano?! AMAZING! I've been thinking that's the way I want to go with the dresser. What little kid can say they have a turquoise dresser in their room? I won't be doing brown curtains in the room, I'm actually going to use...drop cloths. You know, like the ones you buy when you paint? I know that sounds crazy...but check this out.

I love them...they're so light and airy looking..which is totally my thing. They're made of cotton too. Plus I've seen tons of different ways to add stuff to them. Ribbon, paint...etc. And can I tell you that they come in packs of 2 for....$9.97. Yes sir, thank you very much. 

I absolutely love the idea of a turquoise dresser in the nursery. I have thought about it from day one. That was...until I saw this...

Check out that yellow!!! Now I have no idea what color to paint it. I'd like to get it painted soon, so I really need to choose a color.

I also can't decide if I want to do all four walls of the nursery solid gray or if I want to do the crib wall like this...

I loveeee stripes. I think it would be a fun way to add something to the room with out putting too much color on the wall. I'd like to avoid painting the walls with any 'real' color since we're still going to be in an apartment (or townhouse...whatever) and when we move out we'll have to cover the walls and I'd like to keep it pretty simple to paint over. I plan on using colorful/playful/fun art on the walls to add some pops of color in the room. I found these prints, by a photographer that goes by Bomobob. The type of photography he uses is one of my favorites! They look vintage and are awesome colors too.

Now question, what color should I paint the dresser? Turquoise or yellow? Help me decide!

I took another test....

If you've been following this thing since the beginning (Monica), you know that I took approx. 5329 pregnancy tests. And by 5329, I mean 6...but still I took quite a lot. I did take another test, but it wasn't another HPT....I took...

The Drano Test.

The Drano test is a test where you pee in a cup, and someone else (preggos can't do this because the fumes are dangerous)...pours your pee over some crystal Drano. It bubbles and apparently smells awful. I was on the opposite side of a closed sliding glass door watching my dear friend Jess perform the task of pee-pouring, so I don't actually know what it smells like, but she said it was AWFUL.  The color of the pee/Drano mixture determines boy or girl.

Every website I read on how to perform the Drano test said not to take it seriously. Let me tell you this...EVERY person that I have known that has done the Drano test, it has worked for him. My own mom and her best friend from high school did the test when they were pregnant with my brother and Sue's daughter Kourtney (who are only 1 day different in age), and it worked for both of them! I also read multiple discussion boards and 100% of the people who commented saying that had tried it (usually including friends they also tried it with), had it work for them.

Okay, okay Katy...get on with it. WHAT DID YOUR TEST DETERMINE?!


So we could possibly have an Isaac! I'm not going to go out and buy this little guy an entire wardrobe or anything, but I'm pretty sure it's a boy! I 'felt' boy even before the test (and a TON of people said I look like I'm carrying a boy...or boys). We only have about 3 weeks until our doctor appointment and we'll find out for sure if we're having Isaac!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I found it.

I have been on the search for the perfect duvet cover for our bedroom. You know, for the King size comforter that we don't have....but we don't even use a comforter anyway. Matt's body temperature is literally 1,000 degrees plus the dog basically sleeps on top of me...aaand I'm pregnant. So it is usually pretty warm in our room.

I figure the duvet cover would look nice on our bed with or without a comforter in it. It would also be a little longer all the way around without the comforter in it, and we need that...since we don't have a bedskirt either.

If you haven't noticed I've been a little slow on decorating the bedroom.

No one really see's the bedroom anyway.

I'd like to start gathering our stuff and planning our rooms for when we move. Because we will have to know to make more room for the Bean.

I love 'light and airy' but with bold colors...if that makes sense. For our bedroom I'd like to have yellow and a light light aqua color with lots of white. So here's the duvet cover I found...

aaaand it's only $37.99. WITH FREE SHIPPING. I love

Gahhhh if only we had the money for it! It's perfect!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

List of things I'm excited about/get excited about

Here are a few things I am excited about....or things I get excited about.

1. The baby. duh?
2. Florida in 22 days. double duh?
3. I get super excited when I open a new package. Doesn't matter what it is...I love that it's new. Brand new make up is one of my favorite things to open...specifically mascara
4. I get excited when I find an awesome mascara.
5. I get excited when I find new a new shampoo that rocks.
6. I (genuinely) get excited when Mean comes on the radio. I find the song incredibly hilarious. Especially because it's about John Mayer.
7. I get excited when I hear Justin Timberlake is going to be on SNL.
8. I am excited that people actually read this blog. I'd be more excited if they commented :)
9. Florida in 22 days (did I say that already...who cares I'm pumped.)
10. I get excited when I organize. Even though I'm actually not very organized at should see my sewing corner.
11. I also get super excited when I find an awesome app. Especially when that app helps me remember things. Because let's be serious...I didn't have that great of a memory BEFORE preggo brain kicked in.'ll be lucky if I remember your name. And I am almost not kidding.

So this app I found? it's called ColorNote Sticky. It's basically post-it notes for your phone screen.

That isn't my exact screen...but basically that's what it looks like.


Seriously...I can make a grocery list (and open it and edit it if I need to right from my home screen), and a list for the stuff we still need for vacation, a list of what to pack for me, and a packing list for Matt. Because I WILL forget something without a list. I can also make reminder ones if I don't need to make a whole list. I have one of those that says 'Get suitcases from mom'.

I seriously love this app.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

12 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 12 weeks
Size of baby: Baby Davis is the size of a lime (2 inches!)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I have no idea!
Maternity Clothes: Pants and a few shirts, but I can still wear regular shirts too
Gender: Don't know yet! (take the poll and tell us what you think!)
Movement: Last night! I swear it!
Sleep: My back is KILLING not so great.
What I miss: coffee
Cravings: a specific dinner my mom used to make me when I was younger
Symptoms: Bathroom trips
Best Moment this week: Feeling the Bean move!!!

A couple nights ago, I was trying to get to sleep. While laying there and counting, I felt it...I felt the Bean move!! I have read tons of articles..yada, yada, yada... that say first time moms usually don't feel the baby move until 20 or so weeks. Which would mean I'm about 8 weeks early, but I know what I felt! I described the feeling to a couple moms and they agreed. I have also read some stuff online that said feeling movement early can also mean twins. Just check out my 12 week bump to guess why everyone thinks the Bean is two Beans...or Beanettes...or a Bean and a Beanette. I have a confession to make.

Matt and I actually want twins.


I did, I did in fact say Matt and I want twins....because we actually do. As crazy hard as I'm sure it is, I would absolutely love it. Matt wants twins because he thinks, then it will be many years before we have more. Because we want a big ole' family. He's probably right though...

We'll see in a couple weeks when I go to the doctor!

I have also been sleeping like CRAAAP. On Tuesday, I slept about 2 hours because I couldn't figure out why it felt like I was having a heart attack. I was literally in tears. Not only was my heart attacking, my back was on fire/throbbing aaand I had a headache from Hades. It was awesome. Only...not so awesome and a lot more terrible. Turns out I was having a case of heartburn that could only be described as literally my heart was burning.  So I popped a couple Tums and in about 4 minutes I was fine, as far as the heartburn went. My back is really really killing me. It hurts during the day, but it really really hurts at night. I can almost never get comfortable, unless I'm too tired to even notice. I gather it's from my ever growing chest region.

I know all of this pain and uncomfortableness (word?) is for the best cause ever!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


This WILL happen in the nursery. How stinkin adorable is this?!?!?

It hit me.

It finally hit me.

I'm going to be a mom.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have been excited since day one, but it never really hit me. Like really really hit me. (Might have something to do with not being to the doctor yet.)

Today, my mom and I went to a friends garage sale and bought a stroller (Eddie Bauer brand for $10...amazing) and the CUTEST little elephant rocker (Also $10...aaand she paid $100 for it 13 years ago and it looks almost brand new...and it's been through three kids...amazing). I am so super pumped about garage sales.  Anyway...

I'm pushing the stroller to the car and it HIT me. In a few short months, I'll be pushing a baby in this stroller. My baby. Like...a little human. Half Matt, half me.

A frickin baby.

And I got a little choked up.

A BABY! A little human...a little bit Matt and a little bit me.

Simply amazing...

*I apologize for all the baby posts, buuut let's be serious...what else am I supposed to think about! So deal with it. :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

A whole bunch of random stuff

This post is going to be super random. So if you get through all of this post and can actually follow it I'll give you 1000 awesome points.

Random #1: I'm feeling better about the whole 'not going to the doctor' thing. Plenty of moms have told me that nothing exciting happens during the first trimester (you know except the whole listeningtotheheartbeatthing).
I still would love to know that everything is progressing the way it should but I'm trusting in God!

Random #2: Walter is FINALLY starting to shape up. He still has his mishaps. Would you like an example? Well lets just say we have gone through every set of sheets that we have and are currently using a flat sheet laid across the bed and two crocheted blankets as a 'comforter'. We thought since he was getting better we could trust to leave the bedroom door open (while we're home...) and allow Walter to sleep in there. Yeah....awesome idea.  But for the first time today I came home after dropping Matt off at know poop mess. Hallelujah! He ALWAYS poops on the floor the minute we walk out the door. Literally I took out the trash once and came back and he had pooped. Even though I had taken him out to go to the bathroom 5 minutes before that. Anyway, he's doing much better now. He doesn't go on the carpet and does go on the tile by the front door. I think he's starting to realize if he doesn't shape up...I literally will put him on craigslist.

And yes I have threatened him with this.

And yes, I know he's a dog. Don't judge.

Here he is in one of his favorite sleeping positions.

How this is comfortable, I will never understand.

Random #3: I start at a new/old second job next week. (Hopefully Wednesday). I'm back at the daycare in Whiteland that I worked at for 6 months last year. It's only 3-6 Monday-Friday, so I'm totally okay with that. And those hours will be AWESOME once the Bean comes and I go back to work. We'll now be able to get a new (to us) car! WOOP! No more me driving Matt to work! The car we have now works...and that's just about it. She gets us from A to B (sometimes). I just don't feel comfortable only having one semi-reliable car when the Bean gets here.

Random #4: I am annoyed by literally everything lately.  People that randomly walk by at work, family, friends, the dog, the vacuum cleaner, having no space in this tiny apartment, the way the couch looks, not being able to sleep on my stomach, the creepy kid next door, people asking me if I've been to the doctor yet...uhh do I need to keep going? I know it comes with the pregnant territory but I feel bad because things that don't normally bother me, are bugging the crap out of me. I'll be standing there, and something happens and I get SO annoyed and then I act like a jerk. And the whole time in my mind I'm thinking 'Katy you're acting like a jerk over nothing!' but I can't seem to's very frustrating.

Random #5: Matt and I started a chore chart. Have I mentioned that? Why did we start a chore chart? Because we're apparently 10 years old and can't do housework. No seriously...I am not, nor have I ever been a cleaner. I mean, I'll do it...but I hate doing it, so it usually takes a really really long time for me to do the chore. It makes me feel like a terrible housewife. I mean Matt works ALL. THE. TIME, so the least I could do is make sure there aren't hair dryers/straighteners/bobby pins/etc all over the bathroom or piles of dishes in the sink.

Wow...I'm glad I just shared with you that our apartment is a disaster.

Well I'm getting my act together because of the Bean. Everything I do now is for that little Bean and I love it. :) I have actually been doing pretty well with the chores since we started the chore chart.

Alright...pretty random post so if you did get through it...1000 awesome points to you!
I'm off to do some dishes!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


That title is my angry title.

The day started out awesome. I actually found a place where I could take a pregnancy test for free and get a doctors note from that place. By the way...this was a huge thing. I went to the preggo test place. AND THEY WERE GREAT! The ladies were super nice and at the end they even prayed for me and the baby. They even gave us a cute little sleeper, some diapers and a few other things. So after my wonderful trip there, I went straight to the enrollment center for healthcare.

They were jerks.

And guess what I found out? It's going to be another 11 days before I get my FIRST interview for the healthcare. THEN it'll be another 3 or so weeks until I find out if I got accepted.

Go ahead do the math.

It's going to be AT LEAST 4 more weeks until I get to go to the doctor. COMPLETE INSANITY!!!!!!

I will be in my SECOND TRIMESTER before I can go. Seriously. By this point...I'm crying. So I talk to a friend who had to get the same healthcare and she said she went to her doctor before hand because of how long it was going to take and then they reimbursed her. Well guess what...I, of course, can't do that. I called my doctors office and they said because I have already applied, they can't see me until I get accepted.

I MEAN WHAT THE CRAP?!?!?! mjkaflsdjfl;kasjdl;fkja;f UGH!

I immediately get off the phone and bawl my eyes out.*

Basically there's nothing I can do. The nurse at my doctors office said that as long as I'm taking prenatal vitamins and continue eating well and exercising then I should be okay.

But lets be serious. not going to the doctor until my second trimester is NOT okay.
ugh. That's how my day went from awesome to awful.

*Someone please tell me I'm not the only pregnant woman to cry on the phone when talking to a nurse or doctor.

10 weeks!

So I didn't take a 9 weeks photo (spaced it) and I decided to just do photos every 2 weeks. Excuse this pic...Matt took it using my phone.

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 10 weeks
Size of baby: Baby Davis is the size of a prune
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I've probably gained a pound
Maternity Clothes: Pants but no shirts
Gender: Don't know yet!
Movement: Nothing yet...I can't wait!
Sleep: Still sleeping really well
What I miss: Coke
Cravings: Salsa and jalapeno poppers...basically anything spicy
Symptoms: Just really sleepy and hungry
Best Moment this week: Finally going to the doctor today!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Restaurant Style Salsa!

I seriously love salsa and chips. I've been known to eat salsa and chips as an entire meal. I LOVE going to Mexican restaurants and buying the salsa to go (mostly because they also send bags and bags of those chips home with you too...and those chips are RIDIC amazing!) So I was seriously craving some restaurant salsa today but it's kind of expensive to buy from the restaurant. So I found a recipe online. LET.ME.TELL.YOU.


But was delicious...and super easy. I followed the recipe pretty exactly and it was super spicy. The only difference is I didn't add the cumin and I only used one can of Rotel because it was all I had. I can only imagine how spicy it would have been had I used 2 cans of RotelI'm a heat lightweight but even Matt said it was hot and he loves spicy food. Here's the recipe straight from the website (Pioneer Woman ). By the way...don't even try and get me to eat the jar kind of salsa from the store. nas.tay.

1 can of whole tomatoes and juice
2 cans of Rotel (with the green chilies in it)
1/4 cup chopped onion
1 jalapeno split in half and then sliced (leave the seeds in for the spicy version!)
1 clove of garlic chopped
1/4 teaspoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
Juice from a lime
An entire bunch of cilantro

I'm a cilantro freeeeak. I put in the whole bunch (minus stems) and I probably could have put in some more. It has soooo much flavor. If you don't like a whole lot of cilantro then don't add a whole lot. And...I'm sorry if you don't like cilantro. That's pretty sad for you. :) 

So just add all the stuff into a food processor or blender. It makes a HUGE batch. But it seriously won't last long. Here's what I'm going to do differently next time.
Either get rid of the Rotel all together and just substitute a can of tomatoes. Or use one can of Rotel and cut the seeds and veins out of the jalapeno. Also, I added a little extra sugar. You won't need anymore salt though, because the chips you'll use to dip have salt on them!

This is actually a really cheap recipe to make too! (Gotta love cheap and delicious.) (ahem. That's what she said)

Summer is around the corner....I think?

So I'm pretty sure we've had Spring around here...maybe? It's been crazy cold for this time of year and has rained (at some point) everyday for what seems like a month. Possibly more. Either I'm buying a boat or telling people I live in Seattle.  So since Summer comes after's my list of why I can't wait for summer...

1. Warm weather
2. Don't have to wear makeup
3. We find out the sex of the little bean!
4. Being outside!
5. Photo Shoots (hopefully!!)
7. Concerts!
8. Cookouts!
9. 4th of July (my second favorite holiday)
10. We find out the sex of the little bean! (wait...did I already say that?)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Man I'm boring...'re probably about |_| this close to harming me in some way...because yes, I am posting another nursery idea. I swear I should just be an interior decorator with as many ideas as I have. But hey it's my blog so I'll write about whatever the fat I want to! Thankyouverymuch! *Side part of being an interior don't have to pay for the decorating...they actually pay you!*

Anyyyyywayyy. On to another post that I'm sure no one will read. But I am most excited about this one.

See, Matt and I will in fact be finding out the sex of this little babe. I've been thinking it might be fun to not know what we're having, but maybe for liiike the third or fourth kid. And yes, we are planning to have at least that many kids. Maybe we're crazy...but crazy makes families right? Who doesn't have a crazy family?!

Get on with it Katy.

I'm back on the circus theme. *But what if you don't have a boy Katy* Great question! Yeah, I'm still doing circus. Basically what I'm going to do is chose a few general things that will stay the same no matter what in the room whether it's a Harper or Isaac. The things that we'll switch out will be easy stuff (prints for the walls that I'll be making, pillows curtains, rug and a few other things). Mostly stuff I'll be making.

I'm slowly making a moodboard and I'm being way picky about what's going on it.

If you read that last sentence, you'll realize how incredibly ridiculous I am. Yup.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

8 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 8 weeks
Size of baby: Baby Davis is the size of a kidney bean
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Have no idea! I don't think I've gained much I just feel 'thicker' haha
Maternity Clothes: Some pants..
Gender: Don't know yet!
Movement: Nothing yet...I can't wait!
Sleep: Still sleeping really well
What I miss: Mountain. Dew.
Cravings: Green Beans and milk
Symptoms: Just really sleepy. I have to take a nap every day or I can barely keep my eyes open by 8 o'clock
Best Moment this week: Nothing new has really happened

Technically today I'm 9 weeks so this post is a little late, but the picture is from my belly at 8 weeks. I feel huge for only 8 weeks. I'm finally getting all the final stuff together for the doctor (stupid paper work). 
I'm planning on posting my 9 weeks picture/post in a couple days!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cloth Vs. Disposable

I don't personally know anyone that cloth diapers. Everyone I know uses disposables. I have read countless blogs of moms who cloth diaper. Those blog mommas ( Mckmama Sherry at Younghouselove and Katie at Bower Power) all cloth diaper and love it. I have read their many...many...many blogs on cloth diapering. I have crunched numbers. I have done a little dance in the rain in an Indian headdress. Okay...maybe I didn't do that last one...

But I have come to the conclusion (okay...I'm only about 95% sure), that Matt and I will be cloth diaper parents.

I know...I know. People will probably think we're crazy. I'm not necessarily doing it for the environment aspect, I'm solely considering it because of money. Disposables can cost upwards of $200 a month. That is a whole lotta dough. And if I end up being a full time stay at home mom we won't have an extra $200 a month, especially if I end up going back to school (that's for another post). The cloth diapers we're considering are about $300 (for enough diapers for 2ish days). You do the math. After a month they will have almost paid for themselves!

If we decide to cloth diaper, we won't cloth diaper 100%. I've heard the hardest part of cloth diapering is when you go on vacations or overnight places (which I know we will do since Matt's mom and sister live in Chicago). So during those times we would use disposables.

If I don't end up staying at home full time with the little bean, we'll go the disposable route. Who wants to change a cloth diaper at a daycare or babysitter?

What are your thoughts on cloth vs. disposable?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Okay...what did I tell you?!

I told you I'm a planner right? Did I also happen to mention that I change my mind a lot? I did? Okay good, you aren't too behind then.

Guess what? I changed my mind...surprise! haha Well I have a whole new idea. I've been throwing around the idea of creating a mood board for Issac/Harper's nursery that could go either way. For a boy or a girl. We would just change a few elements to make it look more boy or more girl (ie...stripes for boy or floral for girl). I just had no idea what colors would even work. Until I was browsing through one of my very favorite blogs EVER, Younghouselove. I'm very seriously when I say I perpetually stalk them. They have the most fabulous design sense in the world. No joke. They also DIY a lot. Which is something Matt and I want to get into one day. You know...when we buy a house. anyway...

I was stalking browsing through their latest blog post and I found this magazine cover. HOW PERFECT ARE THOSE COLORS?! I feel silly to have not thought of them before. White furniture all around, it goes with either boy or girl and could easily be reused for any other bambinos we might have later on. Here's my idea with those colors if we have a Harper.
Harper Teal

Harper Teal by katylfrye on

I'm thinking about adding either some light pink or adding a lemony color and a few plum colored accents. I haven't quite decided yet. I'm still working on the Isaac mood board, but the more I look these colors up the more I love it. The colors are so incredibly easy to change from boy to girl (I have this irrational thought that when I give birth I'll actually have the opposite of what they tell me we're going to have). As soon as I get the Isaac one completed I'll post it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I have a confession.

I have a confession to make. I'm a planner. A huge huge planner. Like...obsessive (ahem. compulsive) list making- website bookmarking-googling planning freak.

So of course I have a rough idea of how I'd like to decorate the nursery whether we have a Harper or an Isaac.
Who knows, the ideas might change (Matt thinks they will..I'm known to change my mind....a lot.) I have a whole 'theme' for the apartment. Not necessarily matchy-matchy but a whole cohesive idea so the apartment doesn't look like a bunch of random crap together. Here's what I'm going for (we're slowly getting stuff put together).

house colors

house colors by katylfrye featuring striped tops

 We already have a gray couch (well...ugly couch with gray slip cover). And I have the zebra pillow (it's pretty fun!) I painted a chair that we use for the computer that kelly green color (it's one of my favorite corners in the apartment). And I also painted a bookcase the teal color....which is absolutely amazing. We need a rug and some new end tables (I have an idea just need to get the stuff together to make them).  I know all the pictures on here are for a living room...but you get the idea. Plus when you walk in the apartment you're in the living room/ dining room/ computer area (actually I use it for sewing)/ kitchen. So you basically see this when you walk in anyway.

If we have a Harper, this is (roughly) what her nursery would look like.


Harper2 by katylfrye on

We have a white crib thanks to my wonderful sister in law and a niece who is growing, a mirror (that doesn't look at all like the one on the mood board...I couldn't find the one I have), a dresser that needs to be painted and thanks to my graphic skills all of the graphics I'll make and print off for a grid of picture frames to hang on the wall. The dresser is going to be used for either Harper or Isaac, I'll just paint it depending on boy or girl. Since we're in an apartment we'll only probably paint one wall, and it'll be the same for either Isaac or Harper. I've decided on a wall of thick gray horizontal stripes.

If we have an Isaac, I want to do a vintage-y circus theme. Here's what I have in mind.


Isaac by katylfrye on

I'm hoping to find or make a really big circus looking poster and hang a bunting (the flag looking thing) on the wall. It'd be super cool to make a letter I with lights in it or something like that too. Much like this one from urban outfitters...only not $180.


Letter by katylfrye on

Anyway, that's what I have so far. We'll see what actually happens! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

7 weeks!

Here I am at 7 weeks! Excuse the nasty face...I just got off of work. 

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 7 weeks
Size of baby: Baby Davis is the size of a blueberry (1/2 inch in length)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Have no idea! I don't think I've gained much
Maternity Clothes: None yet
Gender: Don't know yet!
Movement: Nothing yet...I can't wait!
Sleep: I'm sleeping great, I only wake up about once a night to pee.
What I miss: Mountain. Dew.
Cravings: Umm...Chick fil-a sauce and Chinese Food (not together)
Symptoms: Just really sleepy. I have to take a nap every day or I can barely keep my eyes open by 8 o'clock
Best Moment this week: Matt and I chose names! 

We'll either have a:

Isaac Samuel
Harper Ann

I'm SO SO SO excited!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Has anyone ever heard of a gender reveal party?!?! I had never heard of it until I was reading a blog I found through a blog I found through a blog...okaymovingon...

Anyway! So what happens is the when you go and find out the gender, you have the tech or doctor or whoever is doing your ultrasound write down what you're having and seal it in an envelope. Then you take that envelope to your local bakery or Target or Walmart or get the idea. Give it to the baker and tell them you want the icing on the inside the color of the gender (pink for a girl/blue for a boy). Then at the party everyone stands around in anticipation as you cut in the cake.

I L.O.V.E. that idea! That way everyone finds out together! How creative right?!

I mentioned it to Matt and he thought it was awesome too. He also thought it would be even more awesome if we found out and I baked the cake and that's how we told everybody. He said he didn't think he could wait that long to find out....dork.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited about this!

Sorry if all my baby related posts are getting am I supposed to think about anything else other than the life growing inside of me!? Woop!


Who knew it would be so hard to pick names! Obviously we have plenty of time to pick names but of course I'm going to think about it!

I have been thinking about what I'm going to name my children for as long as I can remember. The names I had picked back then...were...a little weird (we should be glad I didn't have a kid when I was 16...Phoenix might have been included. yikes). It's completely different 'dreaming' about what you'll name your future children then actually having to chose a name for a child! I have friends who are dead set on the names they'll choose for their kids. Matt and I were like that too.  Then the minute we actually had to make a decision, we basically threw out our list and started from scratch. We have a boy name picked out and it wasn't even remotely close to any of the names we originally liked.

But seriously...picking names is awful. Boy names have been soooo much easier to come up with. Girl names..not so much. Lets just say if we have a girl she'll probably come out nameless.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Furbaby, Walter

This is Walter. He's a miniature pinscher. And he's awesome....well most of the time.

We decided to get a puppy about a month ago. I wanted a puppy a long time ago but Matt didn't think we were ready. Finally he changed his mind and I started the search. His sister looked up north at some shelters, we looked her at shelters, but we just couldn't find the right little guy for us. Matt has always said he wanted a min pin but I wasn't sold on it. I prefer dogs with fluffy fur. We were at work and I checked Craigslist (for the billionth time) and there it was the number one spot it said 'min pin'. I checked it and sent a text to the number on the ad. They said they couldn't send pictures, but answered all of my questions (he had all of his puppy shots. BONUS!). I was worried that they'd give the dog away before we got there, because that had happened to us before. We went and picked him up after work! I was so excited.

All of this happened two days before we found out we were expecting. He did great the first couple days that we had him but then we were ready to send him to the curb. We would keep Walter in the bathroom while we were gone for work. He would DESTROY the bathroom every time we left him in there.

It was so frustrating coming home from work and Matt would have to clean up the floor and I'd have to give him a bath. Matt was seriously ready to get rid of him. Especially last night.

We were getting ready to leave and Walter was freaking out. He was literally shrieking. IT.WAS.AWFUL. So we did something crazy and we left him out...with free reign of the apartment (minus our bedroom). We made bets on what/how messy it would be when we got home. Guess what...there wasn't a thing out of place. AMAZING! So now we don't have to worry about a crazy screaming dog when we leave and a mess to clean up/deal with when we get home.

If you read this whole post...good for's long. :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

We have a stalker!

We have lived in our apartment since October of last year. When we first moved in we didn't have neighbors.*


A few months went by and we noticed someone coming in and out of the apartment next door. They were never there very long and it was usually very very late at night when they were there. I don't remember hearing them move stuff in or anything. Then we figured out along with the one occupant, there was a kid that lived there. How did we figure this out? Well, you can hear everything going on in the hallway through our front door. EV.ER.Y. THING. And he would run up and down the stairs...over and over and over. That never really bothered us either because it was usually when we were at work (I noticed it on a day I had the flu).

Other then the stair thing, they've been pretty quiet.  Except for the past 2 months. We've heard yelling and fighting a little bit (nothing serious though!) and the kid is still running up and down the stairs. AT ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT/DAY. At one point I was convinced they were vampires or something because it wasn't just the kid that was up and down the stairs.

The kid is what gets us...he's such a CREEP! He opens the door and peeks out at us when we're leaving/coming home. And we have to be super quiet when we get home at night because he watches us through the window. Last night he watched me as I walked down the stairs (to take the pup out) and then as I stood outside waiting for the pup to do his business. He waits for Matt to go outside to leave for work or take the pup out and then he follows him outside and asks him question after question (kind of personal questions too!). When we had family stop by (we weren't home, they had a key to get in) to pick up something they needed, he came out and started questioning them!

This happens everyday. Sometimes I'm not even sure the kid goes to school. He can't be more then 10 years old and it seems like his dad (the guy that lives in the apartment) isn't home very often, so I'm thinking that he just wants company/a friend. It's just getting really creepy.

*We have downstairs neighbors but they're little old ladies. I actually met one of them and she was really sweet.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

6 for 6

There it is. The first test...and it's glorious.

But seriously, tough luck for you if you think that's gross since, you end of that is covered in my urine. I didn't take a picture of that end though! (Plus there's a cover that goes on that end)...moving on.

So the day we found out I took two tests. I was convinced. HOLYCRAPWE'REPREGNANT! I mean two tests right? That's pretty legit. A couple days later I had to stop at Walgreens for something. I'm always at Walgreens for something. It's basically right outside our we're there a lot. And I picked up two more tests. I took those...and obviously they were positive. I have felt great about the fact we're pregnant. I'm so incredibly happy I don't think I've stopped smiling since that first test. All of that kind of goes without saying though.

I am a little scared though. I'm only about 5 weeks (although some people think I'm further along). I haven't been to the doctor yet (still getting annoying insurance taken care of). I can't help but think of..well you know. It's such a crazy thing though...because that part makes me worry and then I think about the fact that I'M PREGNANT and I get so freaking excited and it's hard not to plan and think and dream (what a run-on...). Matt and I have talked names...but nailed nothing down. I bought one little sleeper. I just don't 'feel' pregnant yet. I've had plenty of people reassure me that everything will be okay and Matt has been more than supportive, but guess what I did today?

Went and bought another box of tests. And took them. So total over a week I have taken 6 tests....and guess what?

Every single one of them was positive.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

We have made a decision.

Matt and I have been going back and forth with the decision to cancel the 'wedding'. See, it's not an actual wedding, more of a party/ring ceremony thing. It wasn't going to be a big deal. The one thing it was going to was to cost money. With the baby coming there are things that are more important to spend money on. For one, we need a new car. For two, we also need to move into a bigger apartment.

So for the most important reason in the world, we have decided to cancel it.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh yeahhhh

Yesterday, March 25, 2011. I took a test. In my 13+years of education...I took hundreds of tests. Those tests were important at the time, but this test was life changing.

We're having a BABY.

Yup, you read that right. We're going to be PARENTS! Just two days after we went and bought our first fur baby, we found out we're going to have a real live human baby.

It's an absolute amazing feeling knowing that right now, at this very moment...I'm growing a human...inside of me. haha!

We immediately called Matt's mom. Then we called my parents...over and over and over again. I think I called my dad about 5 times and called their house phone 5 times. I called my mom a whole bunch too, but then realized she was probably at work! Finally my dad called back; after leaving a voice mail saying there was an emergency. (What?! Don't is pretty important news!) Then we went over to Jeff and Tracy's house. See, all of our family is in town this weekend for my 'bridal' shower so they were all over there. We get in the house and call Madison (niece) over. Everyone was in the living room and we had her tell everyone she was going to be a cousin! It was awesome. Tracy and Amanda high-fived because now they're 'off the hook' for awhile! haha

Matt and I are incredibly blessed to be bringing a baby into such a wonderful family.

AHHHH I'm so excited!!!!