Sunday, July 31, 2011

this has been one crazy week.

But seriously. On top of me working like crazy (12 days of full time in a row...) on Wednesday I was driving home from the grocery store down Smith Valley Road. They're currently redoing. By the way...can't figure out looked fine to me. Buuut anyway. I went over a bump and heard a big THUD. Luckily I was super close to home. I drove about 2 mph the whole way haha. I figured it was the tail pipe again (it was being held up by a wire hanger...have I mentioned this car is a piece?). So I called Matt and didn't think anything of it. Until he got home and looked under the car. Uhhh the whole bottom part (tail pipe/muffler/cadalytic convertor) had rusted and fell off. It was being held up by some very thin wires (to the engine I think) and the wire hanger. Awesome! Did I also mention that I'm pretty sure had I been driving faster the car could have potentially caught on fire. Awesome again!

But God is good (all the time!) And we are in the works of buying a small S10 truck to drive until we can get my new(to me) car that I'll drive when Harper comes. It also happened that right after that happened I got a call from work wondering if I could start working full time for awhile (basically until I can't anymore). Praise the Lord for an awesome boss!

Harper is doing great! Growing like a weed (made apparent by my ever expanding waist). I can feel her moving on the outside now. My mom felt it a little bit yesterday but every time Matt touches my stomach Harper stops moving so he hasn't felt it yet. Matt says she's afraid of him already. I think she's either shy or stubborn. Most likely stubborn because he (or my mom) would move their hand away and she immediately starts moving again. Haha what a brat!

I'm going to attempt to post a 23 week post this week. It's hard to do when you don't have a computer.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

i am still alive.

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't updated in awhile (Chuck). Awhile being almost a month. Oops!

It has been a month (once again...almost) that we have known the Bean is a girl Bean.

And she already has a crazy stash of cute clothes. Don't worry, I haven't bought all of them(ahem..only most of them). But I also am the best bargain shopper ever. No joke. I got the cutest Osh Kosh jumper for Harper at JC Penny the other day. Originally priced at $28 (who pays that for a baby? I mean she'll probably wear it twice before it doesn't fit anymore!)... I paid $2.50 for it. Booyah!

We have a doctors appointment on the 10th of August and then we'll have one around the same time in September...then we start going every other week. Crazy!

So I had a hilarious fat kid/ preggo moment yesterday. Matt and I stopped at Walgreens yesterday before church because we were both thirsty. When I was checking out, I couldn't find my debit card anywhere (and Matt doesn't have one for our joint account). So we drove back home (literally 10 seconds away) so I could look for it. I searched everywhere and couldn't figure out where it could be. I remembered I had just taken a box of milk duds out of my purse. I didn't figure I would need them at church. Well...I found my debit card...inside the milk duds box. Hahaha maybe it should be my new wallet?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011



We had our very first doctors appointment yesterday (you know, the one where you talk about family history and stuff?). Well the nurse we had (Dr. Salazar's nurse wasn't there yesterday), did all of the history and then said "let me see if the ultrasound tech can get you guys in, I don't think she's busy...would you guys want to get an ultrasound if she can?".....uhh do people say no to ultrasounds?! Absolutely we'd love to!

So we're walking to the room and I keeo thinking, what if I lay down on the table and they put the little wand to my belly and tell me I'm crazy that there's no baby in there. Well obviously that' silly. Harper (formally known as the Bean) was there! Moving around like a little fool :) and I a little school girl. The. Entire. Time. Ha! She was fist pumping and waving and had her little feet propped up on my uterus like she was chilling. I was afraid with the way she was wiggling around that they wouldn't be able to get a good shot of her parts. But they did! And as soon as she said "it's a girl!" I said "what?! Excuse me?!" We were sooooo sure it was a boy! Haha! Oh boy were we wrong! She looks perfect! She's growing right on track and baking just great in there :)

We are so incredibly excited to meet our little girl!

Harper Carolyn is due December 2nd!