Friday, February 1, 2013

14 Months

HARPER! You're 14 months old today!

I'm guessing you're 20lbs.
You wear size 12-18 clothes.
I know you just grew taller because your pants are a little shorter in length and a little big in the waist. You're such a skinny little peanut! But you're so tall!
You wear a size 3 diaper. I'm pretty sure you'll be in that size forever!
You wear a size 4 shoe.

You barely eat're so so picky! You won't even eat spaghetti! You love mandarin oranges and turkey lunch meat the most!

You love purses! Or things that have handles. You put them on your arm and walk around saying 'bye bye!' You also love anything that rolls. You're really starting to get into building with your blocks too.

You have gone on the potty three times in the last week. I'm not hardcore potty-training but you seem very interested.  So you sit on the potty whenever you tell me. You say 'pot! Pot!' It doesn't happen very often but I'm okay with that right now!

You are such a big sweetie. You love to give hugs and pat backs and say 'awww'. You aren't completely off the pacifier but you only really want it when you're tired. You are such a little Linus though! You love love love your 'gankie'. Daddy and I will say 'it's night-night time!' And you will grab your blanket and plug.

You're growing way too fast Harper-boo! Momma and Daddy-O love you!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Maybe I'll start blogging again...

It has been a year since I really blogged.  I really want to do a better job of keeping up with what new things Harper is doing, what we're

I really do love writing; looking back on what we have done and accomplished. So I don't quite imagine I'll update everyday, but every once in a while definitely.

Currently I'm laying (lying?...I never know) in bed sick. Boo. I definitely caught it from Harper. She thought it was appropriate to vomit all over complete strangers at a high school basketball game on Friday. I need to have a talk with her on manners.

She had a blast at the basketball game and was very into it!