Monday, June 27, 2011

quick post before work!

Here's a quick little post before I have to get ready for work.

FIRST!! Congrats to Monica, Cody, and big brother Luke! Madison Jewel is finally here! I can't wait to meet her!

Second. Walter has not been the best puppy since we got him (3 days before we found out I was preggo with the Bean). He chews everything or tears it up. He was awful to train to go outside too and he still has problems with that (not good in an apartment!) We know we need to crate him...but crates are expensive! Well just the past few days he has done a complete turn around! He finally learned how to sit on command. Which is a big deal for him considering he doesn't even sit still in his sleep. He learned in about 15 minutes. I say it's because I taught him with oyster crackers and not treats. And since he gets a treat every time he comes inside and he NEVEr gets people food, I have a feeling he felt like a big shot getting to eat those crackers. And then today I put a pizza in the oven for my lunch. I set the timer and went back to sewing. I had the radio on pretty loud and I guess I didn't hear the timer go off. Well about 5 minutes (my guess) after the timer went off Walter is pacing around and whining. I couldn't figure out what he wanted so I ignored him and kept on sewing. Well he got impatient with me and went and stood by the oven and barked. Did I mention this dog never barks!? Never ever! So then I remembered the pizza and I jumped up and took it out. What a smart dog!!

I'm getting anxious about my doctors appointment (1 week from tomorrow!) I'm hoping while I'm there I get to schedule my ultrasound because I really want to know what the sex of the Bean is! I would love to start sewing gender specific things soon. Speaking of sewing...I should probably work on the quilt!

Our cousin Dave is getting married on the 9th and I have been sewing two of the bridesmaid dresses for it. I made one and am fixing the other one. I love sewing and I'm not bad at it at all. I've made dresses before and never had problems, but these dresses have made me remember that I am definitely not a seamstress! I have been locked in this apartment for nearly a week trying to get them finished and it has been one problem after the other. Then I get frustrated, threaten to set them on fire, cry a little, get over it and move on. It's a struggle haha!

Anyway...that's all I have for now!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Oh you better believe this week has been great! We left last Thursday for Florida for a week with Matts mom,sister,brother in law and nieces and nephew. It was a great trip but we're glad to be back!

I was standing in line for the Haunted Mansion ride at Magic Kingdom when I got the call. I could officially choose my doctor and make an appointment to see him!!!


So my first appointment will be July 5th at 9 am. I have another appointment on the 11th. At that appointment we'll schedule another appointment for an ultrasound where we'll hopefully get to see what the sex is! I am beyond excited!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


We're going on an adventure. This adventure is going to be long, difficult, there will be yelling because someone won't stop and ask for directions. You have probably been on an adventure like this one if you are human, especially if you are or have ever been pregnant. When you're pregnant people love to give unsolicited advice. I have always read and heard about this...but's true. So don't worry about grabbing hiking boots, a map, or a backpack, you won't need any of that for this kind of adventure. Just get ready for an old-fashioned super annoyed pregnant girl rant.

If you have been reading this blog (or are close to me in ANY way) you know I have had ridiculous trouble with getting insurance. It is definitely not for lack of trying. They (whoever 'they' is) are taking their time. I mean taa-kiiing thhhheeeir friggin time. I can't make them move any faster because they do as they please.... as slow as they please. So until they drink some Redbull or a 5 hour energy...I won't be able to go to the doctor. Unless, by the grace of God, I can find a doctor that will take me before the insurance is complete.

Here's where that unsolicitated advice comes in.

I have had JUUUUUSST about every person I've ever known or blinked at or friend requested on Facebook give me their own idea what I need to do about getting to the doctor.

Heeeeere's the thing. I KNOW I NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!

I am not ignorant, irresponsible or clueless. I know, for the health of myself and more importantly, the Bean's health that I need to go to the doctor. If you have advice on how I should get! I guarantee I have already DONE it! Gone there and got the t-shirt... probably 50 times over. I've said all I can say to the people I need to say it to. I've yelled, I've cried, I've been calm...EVERYthing possible I have tried it. So please...keep your 'advice' to yourself because honestly, I don't want it.

All of this is directed towards the people who do not know the situation. Obviously I don't share every little detail on Facebook and on here, because a lot of it's personal. You know who you are (family and close friends) that actually know the situation.

But to those of you who do not know the situation, please stop with the 'advice'. I am an adult and am doing the very best I can at taking care of myself and my baby before we can make it to the doctor. So think twice before you make a comment to me or next time, my blog post might not be so nice. ;)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This is gonna be a long one!

First things first...our computer is out of commission right now. Which is awesome? It has a virus that is currently getting wiped but until then, I'm updating via Smartphone.

There is a reason I haven't updated in awhile. See this baby is already causing trouble. we have a rrrreal troublemaker on our hands. A week ago Matt and I spent about 3 hours in the ER at Community South Hospital. Let me just say... THE BABY IS FINE! We just had a little scare. But we got to see the Bean on an ultrasound and I can already tell we're going to have the cutest little babe on the planet. Baby's heartbeat was 151 and he/she (I vote he!) was flipping around like a little gymnast. Since we had a little scare, they wanted me to take it easy for awhile. And by take it easy...I was on complete bedrest for a week. It. Was. Terrible. Worth it, as far as the baby is concerned, but by day 3 I had major cabin fever. And then day 4 of my bedrest...Matt had a fever and was laid up for 2 days. Thankfully, my mom and dad live right down the street so they helped out when they could and my best friend Jessica also came over, spent time with me and took the dog out. I am now back to work, with orders to still take it easy (no lifting kids, no running sprints,jumping jacks, trampolines..etc..).

I have an appointment with my actual doctor for next week (before we leave for Florida!) to double check and make sure the Bean is still growing like a weed.

I'll give you an update once I get to the doctor!