Our Story


 Matt and I met in Spring of 2010. I was going just getting done with a divorce and not looking for anyone to settle down with. Matt was working (and still does!) at his family's restaurant. I worked at Macy's. I actually knew someone he worked with from school. That and a combination of another friend of mine eating there all the time, Matt and I became friends. The very first time we hung out outside of the mall I went over to his house and we watched Arrested Development with his cousin Dave.  Matt sat next to me and I wanted him to hold my hand so bad! It seems silly but I thought he was the cutest! 

I would go back to DJ's (the restaurant) to eat or chat all the time just to see him. We sent each other texts pretty much non stop for a few weeks. We hung out all the time but never went on dates. I worked all the time, he worked all the time, and we just hung out and watched Scrubs or Arrested Development as much as we could. We were both growing very attached to each other. Honestly though, I was scared. We barely knew each other and to top it off I was just getting through a divorce. He was such a gentleman and we took things very slowly. All I knew is we could have something special and I wanted to spend time with him as much as possible.

Matt was very convinced I should be his girlfriend. He asked me so many times! I told him no over and over again. I'm such a sweetheart. Ha! I told him that when I was ready he would be the first to know. On May 28th 2010 just as Matt was leaving my apartment I told him that I was ready.

After a month of 'being boyfriend and girlfriend' we went on our very first date. Over the next few months we went through a lot. Probably as much as a couple goes through in a few years of being together. But we made it through it all with support from each other, our families and God. After being with each other for a few months we knew it was a forever thing (so much for taking it slow right?!). I still had no idea that on November 28th (our 6th month anniversary)...and at a Colts game nonetheless (Matt is a diehard Bears fan) he would propose! 

Less then two months later on January 7th, 2011 we tied the knot! It was a wonderful day I will never forget. 

We will also be adding a little bean to our family (yes, pregnant after being married for three months!) at the end of November and we couldn't be more excited.

We're just two people who are completely in love, living our life!