Sunday, July 24, 2011

i am still alive.

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't updated in awhile (Chuck). Awhile being almost a month. Oops!

It has been a month (once again...almost) that we have known the Bean is a girl Bean.

And she already has a crazy stash of cute clothes. Don't worry, I haven't bought all of them(ahem..only most of them). But I also am the best bargain shopper ever. No joke. I got the cutest Osh Kosh jumper for Harper at JC Penny the other day. Originally priced at $28 (who pays that for a baby? I mean she'll probably wear it twice before it doesn't fit anymore!)... I paid $2.50 for it. Booyah!

We have a doctors appointment on the 10th of August and then we'll have one around the same time in September...then we start going every other week. Crazy!

So I had a hilarious fat kid/ preggo moment yesterday. Matt and I stopped at Walgreens yesterday before church because we were both thirsty. When I was checking out, I couldn't find my debit card anywhere (and Matt doesn't have one for our joint account). So we drove back home (literally 10 seconds away) so I could look for it. I searched everywhere and couldn't figure out where it could be. I remembered I had just taken a box of milk duds out of my purse. I didn't figure I would need them at church. Well...I found my debit card...inside the milk duds box. Hahaha maybe it should be my new wallet?

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