Sunday, July 31, 2011

this has been one crazy week.

But seriously. On top of me working like crazy (12 days of full time in a row...) on Wednesday I was driving home from the grocery store down Smith Valley Road. They're currently redoing. By the way...can't figure out looked fine to me. Buuut anyway. I went over a bump and heard a big THUD. Luckily I was super close to home. I drove about 2 mph the whole way haha. I figured it was the tail pipe again (it was being held up by a wire hanger...have I mentioned this car is a piece?). So I called Matt and didn't think anything of it. Until he got home and looked under the car. Uhhh the whole bottom part (tail pipe/muffler/cadalytic convertor) had rusted and fell off. It was being held up by some very thin wires (to the engine I think) and the wire hanger. Awesome! Did I also mention that I'm pretty sure had I been driving faster the car could have potentially caught on fire. Awesome again!

But God is good (all the time!) And we are in the works of buying a small S10 truck to drive until we can get my new(to me) car that I'll drive when Harper comes. It also happened that right after that happened I got a call from work wondering if I could start working full time for awhile (basically until I can't anymore). Praise the Lord for an awesome boss!

Harper is doing great! Growing like a weed (made apparent by my ever expanding waist). I can feel her moving on the outside now. My mom felt it a little bit yesterday but every time Matt touches my stomach Harper stops moving so he hasn't felt it yet. Matt says she's afraid of him already. I think she's either shy or stubborn. Most likely stubborn because he (or my mom) would move their hand away and she immediately starts moving again. Haha what a brat!

I'm going to attempt to post a 23 week post this week. It's hard to do when you don't have a computer.

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