Wednesday, July 6, 2011



We had our very first doctors appointment yesterday (you know, the one where you talk about family history and stuff?). Well the nurse we had (Dr. Salazar's nurse wasn't there yesterday), did all of the history and then said "let me see if the ultrasound tech can get you guys in, I don't think she's busy...would you guys want to get an ultrasound if she can?".....uhh do people say no to ultrasounds?! Absolutely we'd love to!

So we're walking to the room and I keeo thinking, what if I lay down on the table and they put the little wand to my belly and tell me I'm crazy that there's no baby in there. Well obviously that' silly. Harper (formally known as the Bean) was there! Moving around like a little fool :) and I a little school girl. The. Entire. Time. Ha! She was fist pumping and waving and had her little feet propped up on my uterus like she was chilling. I was afraid with the way she was wiggling around that they wouldn't be able to get a good shot of her parts. But they did! And as soon as she said "it's a girl!" I said "what?! Excuse me?!" We were sooooo sure it was a boy! Haha! Oh boy were we wrong! She looks perfect! She's growing right on track and baking just great in there :)

We are so incredibly excited to meet our little girl!

Harper Carolyn is due December 2nd!

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