Saturday, May 28, 2011

I took another test....

If you've been following this thing since the beginning (Monica), you know that I took approx. 5329 pregnancy tests. And by 5329, I mean 6...but still I took quite a lot. I did take another test, but it wasn't another HPT....I took...

The Drano Test.

The Drano test is a test where you pee in a cup, and someone else (preggos can't do this because the fumes are dangerous)...pours your pee over some crystal Drano. It bubbles and apparently smells awful. I was on the opposite side of a closed sliding glass door watching my dear friend Jess perform the task of pee-pouring, so I don't actually know what it smells like, but she said it was AWFUL.  The color of the pee/Drano mixture determines boy or girl.

Every website I read on how to perform the Drano test said not to take it seriously. Let me tell you this...EVERY person that I have known that has done the Drano test, it has worked for him. My own mom and her best friend from high school did the test when they were pregnant with my brother and Sue's daughter Kourtney (who are only 1 day different in age), and it worked for both of them! I also read multiple discussion boards and 100% of the people who commented saying that had tried it (usually including friends they also tried it with), had it work for them.

Okay, okay Katy...get on with it. WHAT DID YOUR TEST DETERMINE?!


So we could possibly have an Isaac! I'm not going to go out and buy this little guy an entire wardrobe or anything, but I'm pretty sure it's a boy! I 'felt' boy even before the test (and a TON of people said I look like I'm carrying a boy...or boys). We only have about 3 weeks until our doctor appointment and we'll find out for sure if we're having Isaac!

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  1. Yay for BOYS!!!! I assume you got your official appointment/sono scheduled?! Woot!

    You should just go ahead and start addressing all your posts "To Monica" :)