Thursday, May 5, 2011


That title is my angry title.

The day started out awesome. I actually found a place where I could take a pregnancy test for free and get a doctors note from that place. By the way...this was a huge thing. I went to the preggo test place. AND THEY WERE GREAT! The ladies were super nice and at the end they even prayed for me and the baby. They even gave us a cute little sleeper, some diapers and a few other things. So after my wonderful trip there, I went straight to the enrollment center for healthcare.

They were jerks.

And guess what I found out? It's going to be another 11 days before I get my FIRST interview for the healthcare. THEN it'll be another 3 or so weeks until I find out if I got accepted.

Go ahead do the math.

It's going to be AT LEAST 4 more weeks until I get to go to the doctor. COMPLETE INSANITY!!!!!!

I will be in my SECOND TRIMESTER before I can go. Seriously. By this point...I'm crying. So I talk to a friend who had to get the same healthcare and she said she went to her doctor before hand because of how long it was going to take and then they reimbursed her. Well guess what...I, of course, can't do that. I called my doctors office and they said because I have already applied, they can't see me until I get accepted.

I MEAN WHAT THE CRAP?!?!?! mjkaflsdjfl;kasjdl;fkja;f UGH!

I immediately get off the phone and bawl my eyes out.*

Basically there's nothing I can do. The nurse at my doctors office said that as long as I'm taking prenatal vitamins and continue eating well and exercising then I should be okay.

But lets be serious. not going to the doctor until my second trimester is NOT okay.
ugh. That's how my day went from awesome to awful.

*Someone please tell me I'm not the only pregnant woman to cry on the phone when talking to a nurse or doctor.


  1. yo yo yo! you're definitely not the first person to cry while on the phone, pregnant or not! but you WILL be ok without some of these preliminary doctor's visits. the first 20 weeks are insaaaaanely boring and they literally don't do anything. so although you're super excited and want to have an appt every now and then, i promise you & baby are going to be fine if you stick with your vitamins and eating right. then at 20 weeks you can find out what's inside there!!

  2. fjd;fja;df I wrote out this big whole thing but here are the highlights since I'm not re-typing all that:

    1. That really sucks :( This fun and exciting time shouldn't be overshadowed by stupid insurance and doctors.

    2. Planned Parenthood might be able to help you out if you want to hear the heart beat, but I have no idea what their qualifications and stuff are. Most women don't get an appointment until late in their first trimester anyways so I'm not sure what else is available for you.

    3. Look on the bright side: when you do get your sono, you'll be able to see much more (maybe even the sex at 15-16 weeks!) than getting one at like 10 weeks and then having to wait until you're 20 weeks to get another one!

    Hang in there momma!