Wednesday, May 25, 2011

List of things I'm excited about/get excited about

Here are a few things I am excited about....or things I get excited about.

1. The baby. duh?
2. Florida in 22 days. double duh?
3. I get super excited when I open a new package. Doesn't matter what it is...I love that it's new. Brand new make up is one of my favorite things to open...specifically mascara
4. I get excited when I find an awesome mascara.
5. I get excited when I find new a new shampoo that rocks.
6. I (genuinely) get excited when Mean comes on the radio. I find the song incredibly hilarious. Especially because it's about John Mayer.
7. I get excited when I hear Justin Timberlake is going to be on SNL.
8. I am excited that people actually read this blog. I'd be more excited if they commented :)
9. Florida in 22 days (did I say that already...who cares I'm pumped.)
10. I get excited when I organize. Even though I'm actually not very organized at should see my sewing corner.
11. I also get super excited when I find an awesome app. Especially when that app helps me remember things. Because let's be serious...I didn't have that great of a memory BEFORE preggo brain kicked in.'ll be lucky if I remember your name. And I am almost not kidding.

So this app I found? it's called ColorNote Sticky. It's basically post-it notes for your phone screen.

That isn't my exact screen...but basically that's what it looks like.


Seriously...I can make a grocery list (and open it and edit it if I need to right from my home screen), and a list for the stuff we still need for vacation, a list of what to pack for me, and a packing list for Matt. Because I WILL forget something without a list. I can also make reminder ones if I don't need to make a whole list. I have one of those that says 'Get suitcases from mom'.

I seriously love this app.

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  1. I had no idea that song was about John Mayer haha! Kinda hard to tell because she goes through guys like some go through underwear...