Friday, May 13, 2011

A whole bunch of random stuff

This post is going to be super random. So if you get through all of this post and can actually follow it I'll give you 1000 awesome points.

Random #1: I'm feeling better about the whole 'not going to the doctor' thing. Plenty of moms have told me that nothing exciting happens during the first trimester (you know except the whole listeningtotheheartbeatthing).
I still would love to know that everything is progressing the way it should but I'm trusting in God!

Random #2: Walter is FINALLY starting to shape up. He still has his mishaps. Would you like an example? Well lets just say we have gone through every set of sheets that we have and are currently using a flat sheet laid across the bed and two crocheted blankets as a 'comforter'. We thought since he was getting better we could trust to leave the bedroom door open (while we're home...) and allow Walter to sleep in there. Yeah....awesome idea.  But for the first time today I came home after dropping Matt off at know poop mess. Hallelujah! He ALWAYS poops on the floor the minute we walk out the door. Literally I took out the trash once and came back and he had pooped. Even though I had taken him out to go to the bathroom 5 minutes before that. Anyway, he's doing much better now. He doesn't go on the carpet and does go on the tile by the front door. I think he's starting to realize if he doesn't shape up...I literally will put him on craigslist.

And yes I have threatened him with this.

And yes, I know he's a dog. Don't judge.

Here he is in one of his favorite sleeping positions.

How this is comfortable, I will never understand.

Random #3: I start at a new/old second job next week. (Hopefully Wednesday). I'm back at the daycare in Whiteland that I worked at for 6 months last year. It's only 3-6 Monday-Friday, so I'm totally okay with that. And those hours will be AWESOME once the Bean comes and I go back to work. We'll now be able to get a new (to us) car! WOOP! No more me driving Matt to work! The car we have now works...and that's just about it. She gets us from A to B (sometimes). I just don't feel comfortable only having one semi-reliable car when the Bean gets here.

Random #4: I am annoyed by literally everything lately.  People that randomly walk by at work, family, friends, the dog, the vacuum cleaner, having no space in this tiny apartment, the way the couch looks, not being able to sleep on my stomach, the creepy kid next door, people asking me if I've been to the doctor yet...uhh do I need to keep going? I know it comes with the pregnant territory but I feel bad because things that don't normally bother me, are bugging the crap out of me. I'll be standing there, and something happens and I get SO annoyed and then I act like a jerk. And the whole time in my mind I'm thinking 'Katy you're acting like a jerk over nothing!' but I can't seem to's very frustrating.

Random #5: Matt and I started a chore chart. Have I mentioned that? Why did we start a chore chart? Because we're apparently 10 years old and can't do housework. No seriously...I am not, nor have I ever been a cleaner. I mean, I'll do it...but I hate doing it, so it usually takes a really really long time for me to do the chore. It makes me feel like a terrible housewife. I mean Matt works ALL. THE. TIME, so the least I could do is make sure there aren't hair dryers/straighteners/bobby pins/etc all over the bathroom or piles of dishes in the sink.

Wow...I'm glad I just shared with you that our apartment is a disaster.

Well I'm getting my act together because of the Bean. Everything I do now is for that little Bean and I love it. :) I have actually been doing pretty well with the chores since we started the chore chart.

Alright...pretty random post so if you did get through it...1000 awesome points to you!
I'm off to do some dishes!

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  1. Yay for 1,000 points! I love how random you are--some days I feel like I just need to vent about nothing and everything lol

    I made a chore chart too--I set aside a chore (or two) for me to do every day (but no weekends). I'll warn you though, it will go to shit when you hit the 3rd trimester :)

    Saw your ticker: 200 days left!!! Lol That sounds like forever. Sorry?

    Hey, have you gone to the doctor yet? ;)