Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Furbaby, Walter

This is Walter. He's a miniature pinscher. And he's awesome....well most of the time.

We decided to get a puppy about a month ago. I wanted a puppy a long time ago but Matt didn't think we were ready. Finally he changed his mind and I started the search. His sister looked up north at some shelters, we looked her at shelters, but we just couldn't find the right little guy for us. Matt has always said he wanted a min pin but I wasn't sold on it. I prefer dogs with fluffy fur. We were at work and I checked Craigslist (for the billionth time) and there it was the number one spot it said 'min pin'. I checked it and sent a text to the number on the ad. They said they couldn't send pictures, but answered all of my questions (he had all of his puppy shots. BONUS!). I was worried that they'd give the dog away before we got there, because that had happened to us before. We went and picked him up after work! I was so excited.

All of this happened two days before we found out we were expecting. He did great the first couple days that we had him but then we were ready to send him to the curb. We would keep Walter in the bathroom while we were gone for work. He would DESTROY the bathroom every time we left him in there.

It was so frustrating coming home from work and Matt would have to clean up the floor and I'd have to give him a bath. Matt was seriously ready to get rid of him. Especially last night.

We were getting ready to leave and Walter was freaking out. He was literally shrieking. IT.WAS.AWFUL. So we did something crazy and we left him out...with free reign of the apartment (minus our bedroom). We made bets on what/how messy it would be when we got home. Guess what...there wasn't a thing out of place. AMAZING! So now we don't have to worry about a crazy screaming dog when we leave and a mess to clean up/deal with when we get home.

If you read this whole post...good for you...it's long. :)

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  1. That happened the first days we had Peyton! We left him in the guest room, and it was a disaster! They are finally out of the chewing stage and can control their bladders and bowels so now we just gate them in the kitchen when we leave and at night! How old is your dog?