Friday, April 15, 2011

Okay...what did I tell you?!

I told you I'm a planner right? Did I also happen to mention that I change my mind a lot? I did? Okay good, you aren't too behind then.

Guess what? I changed my mind...surprise! haha Well I have a whole new idea. I've been throwing around the idea of creating a mood board for Issac/Harper's nursery that could go either way. For a boy or a girl. We would just change a few elements to make it look more boy or more girl (ie...stripes for boy or floral for girl). I just had no idea what colors would even work. Until I was browsing through one of my very favorite blogs EVER, Younghouselove. I'm very seriously when I say I perpetually stalk them. They have the most fabulous design sense in the world. No joke. They also DIY a lot. Which is something Matt and I want to get into one day. You know...when we buy a house. anyway...

I was stalking browsing through their latest blog post and I found this magazine cover. HOW PERFECT ARE THOSE COLORS?! I feel silly to have not thought of them before. White furniture all around, it goes with either boy or girl and could easily be reused for any other bambinos we might have later on. Here's my idea with those colors if we have a Harper.
Harper Teal

Harper Teal by katylfrye on

I'm thinking about adding either some light pink or adding a lemony color and a few plum colored accents. I haven't quite decided yet. I'm still working on the Isaac mood board, but the more I look these colors up the more I love it. The colors are so incredibly easy to change from boy to girl (I have this irrational thought that when I give birth I'll actually have the opposite of what they tell me we're going to have). As soon as I get the Isaac one completed I'll post it.

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