Thursday, April 28, 2011

Man I'm boring...'re probably about |_| this close to harming me in some way...because yes, I am posting another nursery idea. I swear I should just be an interior decorator with as many ideas as I have. But hey it's my blog so I'll write about whatever the fat I want to! Thankyouverymuch! *Side part of being an interior don't have to pay for the decorating...they actually pay you!*

Anyyyyywayyy. On to another post that I'm sure no one will read. But I am most excited about this one.

See, Matt and I will in fact be finding out the sex of this little babe. I've been thinking it might be fun to not know what we're having, but maybe for liiike the third or fourth kid. And yes, we are planning to have at least that many kids. Maybe we're crazy...but crazy makes families right? Who doesn't have a crazy family?!

Get on with it Katy.

I'm back on the circus theme. *But what if you don't have a boy Katy* Great question! Yeah, I'm still doing circus. Basically what I'm going to do is chose a few general things that will stay the same no matter what in the room whether it's a Harper or Isaac. The things that we'll switch out will be easy stuff (prints for the walls that I'll be making, pillows curtains, rug and a few other things). Mostly stuff I'll be making.

I'm slowly making a moodboard and I'm being way picky about what's going on it.

If you read that last sentence, you'll realize how incredibly ridiculous I am. Yup.

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  1. I read your posts! After I picked my themes I stopped looking at them because I knew I would drive myself crazy...and then I would see one by chance and become really upset because I really liked it! So good for you that you're exploring every option (even if you're a bit crazy lol)