Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I have a confession.

I have a confession to make. I'm a planner. A huge huge planner. Like...obsessive (ahem. compulsive) list making- website bookmarking-googling planning freak.

So of course I have a rough idea of how I'd like to decorate the nursery whether we have a Harper or an Isaac.
Who knows, the ideas might change (Matt thinks they will..I'm known to change my mind....a lot.) I have a whole 'theme' for the apartment. Not necessarily matchy-matchy but a whole cohesive idea so the apartment doesn't look like a bunch of random crap together. Here's what I'm going for (we're slowly getting stuff put together).

house colors

house colors by katylfrye featuring striped tops

 We already have a gray couch (well...ugly couch with gray slip cover). And I have the zebra pillow (it's pretty fun!) I painted a chair that we use for the computer that kelly green color (it's one of my favorite corners in the apartment). And I also painted a bookcase the teal color....which is absolutely amazing. We need a rug and some new end tables (I have an idea just need to get the stuff together to make them).  I know all the pictures on here are for a living room...but you get the idea. Plus when you walk in the apartment you're in the living room/ dining room/ computer area (actually I use it for sewing)/ kitchen. So you basically see this when you walk in anyway.

If we have a Harper, this is (roughly) what her nursery would look like.


Harper2 by katylfrye on Polyvore.com

We have a white crib thanks to my wonderful sister in law and a niece who is growing, a mirror (that doesn't look at all like the one on the mood board...I couldn't find the one I have), a dresser that needs to be painted and thanks to my graphic skills all of the graphics I'll make and print off for a grid of picture frames to hang on the wall. The dresser is going to be used for either Harper or Isaac, I'll just paint it depending on boy or girl. Since we're in an apartment we'll only probably paint one wall, and it'll be the same for either Isaac or Harper. I've decided on a wall of thick gray horizontal stripes.

If we have an Isaac, I want to do a vintage-y circus theme. Here's what I have in mind.


Isaac by katylfrye on Polyvore.com

I'm hoping to find or make a really big circus looking poster and hang a bunting (the flag looking thing) on the wall. It'd be super cool to make a letter I with lights in it or something like that too. Much like this one from urban outfitters...only not $180.


Letter by katylfrye on Polyvore.com

Anyway, that's what I have so far. We'll see what actually happens! 

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