Friday, April 1, 2011

We have a stalker!

We have lived in our apartment since October of last year. When we first moved in we didn't have neighbors.*


A few months went by and we noticed someone coming in and out of the apartment next door. They were never there very long and it was usually very very late at night when they were there. I don't remember hearing them move stuff in or anything. Then we figured out along with the one occupant, there was a kid that lived there. How did we figure this out? Well, you can hear everything going on in the hallway through our front door. EV.ER.Y. THING. And he would run up and down the stairs...over and over and over. That never really bothered us either because it was usually when we were at work (I noticed it on a day I had the flu).

Other then the stair thing, they've been pretty quiet.  Except for the past 2 months. We've heard yelling and fighting a little bit (nothing serious though!) and the kid is still running up and down the stairs. AT ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT/DAY. At one point I was convinced they were vampires or something because it wasn't just the kid that was up and down the stairs.

The kid is what gets us...he's such a CREEP! He opens the door and peeks out at us when we're leaving/coming home. And we have to be super quiet when we get home at night because he watches us through the window. Last night he watched me as I walked down the stairs (to take the pup out) and then as I stood outside waiting for the pup to do his business. He waits for Matt to go outside to leave for work or take the pup out and then he follows him outside and asks him question after question (kind of personal questions too!). When we had family stop by (we weren't home, they had a key to get in) to pick up something they needed, he came out and started questioning them!

This happens everyday. Sometimes I'm not even sure the kid goes to school. He can't be more then 10 years old and it seems like his dad (the guy that lives in the apartment) isn't home very often, so I'm thinking that he just wants company/a friend. It's just getting really creepy.

*We have downstairs neighbors but they're little old ladies. I actually met one of them and she was really sweet.

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