Thursday, March 31, 2011

6 for 6

There it is. The first test...and it's glorious.

But seriously, tough luck for you if you think that's gross since, you end of that is covered in my urine. I didn't take a picture of that end though! (Plus there's a cover that goes on that end)...moving on.

So the day we found out I took two tests. I was convinced. HOLYCRAPWE'REPREGNANT! I mean two tests right? That's pretty legit. A couple days later I had to stop at Walgreens for something. I'm always at Walgreens for something. It's basically right outside our we're there a lot. And I picked up two more tests. I took those...and obviously they were positive. I have felt great about the fact we're pregnant. I'm so incredibly happy I don't think I've stopped smiling since that first test. All of that kind of goes without saying though.

I am a little scared though. I'm only about 5 weeks (although some people think I'm further along). I haven't been to the doctor yet (still getting annoying insurance taken care of). I can't help but think of..well you know. It's such a crazy thing though...because that part makes me worry and then I think about the fact that I'M PREGNANT and I get so freaking excited and it's hard not to plan and think and dream (what a run-on...). Matt and I have talked names...but nailed nothing down. I bought one little sleeper. I just don't 'feel' pregnant yet. I've had plenty of people reassure me that everything will be okay and Matt has been more than supportive, but guess what I did today?

Went and bought another box of tests. And took them. So total over a week I have taken 6 tests....and guess what?

Every single one of them was positive.


  1. Well, you HAVE to be pregnant so quit spending all your dang money on EPTs and buy cute pregnancy/baby things!! So excited for you, I know how long you have wanted to be a mommy...AND NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!!

  2. haha Matt says the same thing! Thanks Monica :)