Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh yeahhhh

Yesterday, March 25, 2011. I took a test. In my 13+years of education...I took hundreds of tests. Those tests were important at the time, but this test was life changing.

We're having a BABY.

Yup, you read that right. We're going to be PARENTS! Just two days after we went and bought our first fur baby, we found out we're going to have a real live human baby.

It's an absolute amazing feeling knowing that right now, at this very moment...I'm growing a human...inside of me. haha!

We immediately called Matt's mom. Then we called my parents...over and over and over again. I think I called my dad about 5 times and called their house phone 5 times. I called my mom a whole bunch too, but then realized she was probably at work! Finally my dad called back; after leaving a voice mail saying there was an emergency. (What?! Don't is pretty important news!) Then we went over to Jeff and Tracy's house. See, all of our family is in town this weekend for my 'bridal' shower so they were all over there. We get in the house and call Madison (niece) over. Everyone was in the living room and we had her tell everyone she was going to be a cousin! It was awesome. Tracy and Amanda high-fived because now they're 'off the hook' for awhile! haha

Matt and I are incredibly blessed to be bringing a baby into such a wonderful family.

AHHHH I'm so excited!!!!

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